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My Favorite Games

Check out some of my favorite games.  Both retro, indie, and games that will be coming out soon.  I love to review them and let you know which ones are worth spending your time on!

Game Systems

Yep, we all use them, but are they a thing of the past?  I review all the latest game systems so you can make sure to spend your money on the right systems.

Gaming and Artwork

Who doesn’t love artwork from these latest games?  It’s unbelievable right?  Check out some of my blogs to see where to find some of the coolest images ever created.

Updates & Support

Need some support for you gaming?  You can see where you can get some help when trying to conquer levels or achieve more points.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

Looking for some tutorials on how to get through some of your levels?  I just might be able to help, check out some of my stuff here.

Looking for some cheats?

We all need a little boost sometimes eh?  I point out some safe places to find cheats that will allow you to access hidden levels, crazy weapons, or simply get through a particularly difficult run.

The Order – 1886

We don’t know a whole lot about The Order: 1886, the PlayStation 4-exclusive title from California-based developer Ready at Dawn. But we’ve gleaned a little bit more since the game was announced at E3 2013.  But now, finally, we’ve been able to see a new glimpse at the game in the form of fresh screens and artwork. The new artwork shows The Order: 1886’s impressive graphical and tech at work. The environments look amazing, and the character models, all purportedly in-engine, are decidedly next-gen.  Can’t wait for the release!  See more here!



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Gaming Systems


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Ultra Hot Games

Check out some of the hottest games on the market sure to light your hair on fire.

High Definition

These games look even better in High Def!  Read our blog for the latest updates in the gaming world.

Game Sneak Peeks

See some cool sneak peeks of some up-and-coming games .

Loaded With Goodies

Looking for hints, tips, tricks, cheats, etc?  Look no further…you found the right place.